Fishing and Outdoor Video Production

About us

The video production "European Center Danube" is specialized in a creating of film material with a theme of fishing, nautics and other outdoor activities.

We use our knowledge, experience and up to date shooting gear in order to perform most demanding projects.

By combining focused content and well defined concept with a pleasant scenes of nature, we are getting many new spectators and followers every day.

Petar Srok

Professional fisherman and presenter, Master of fishery and aquatic sciences

Marko Grujic

Multimedia artist, main cameraman and editor

Vladimir Zutic

Multimedia artist, cameraman and editor

Jelena Labus

Graphic designer and art director

How do we work?

When it comes to displaying information on a fast, simple and understandable way, our video material is adapted to a fast living tempo. In our films we share usable advices and tips which are fully applicable on a terrain, and are adapted to the needs of modern fishermen who have a limited spare time.

Our trademark is short movie form (3-5 min) foreseen to be mainly displayed on the internet and shared by the users of the public networks. We usually present specific fishing equipment and accessories, using adequate fishing technique. So far, we have published a few dozen of short movies, and one feature documentary titled as "The Clonk Story". Some of our short movies are being broadcasted at "ecdunav" channel on YouTube. We use Facebook and Instagram for publishing and marketing purposes. Our short movies are being broadcasted on the "Fishing and Hunting" TV channel, which is very popular in ex Yugoslavia region (South-Eastern Europe), and is a part of a SBB international TV network.

We present chosen products in a practical use, emphasizing it's advantages from a professional user’s angle. That form of presenting has much stronger marketing effect than classic advertizing form. We have created confidence based relationship with our audience by skilled and objective way of presenting gear and techniques. It happens often that, even a few years after publishing a clip on the internet, someone sends question or a comment which requires feedback. We respond instantly, showing a full respect to the subject, and satisfying the interest of the public. We care about our audience and as a result, we have extended marketing effect.

Why to work with us?


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